Jenna Felton

Miss Felton recently joined the team and is happy to be a part of providing a safe and fun space for the children to play in throughout the afternoons. Jenna can be described as outgoing and active and enjoys her time at our school.

Kholeka Sogoni

Ms. Sogoni began her St. Lizzies journey 2019 and is now our senior Aftercare Assistant. Her friends and family describe her as a good shoulder to lean on as she loves to help people around her. She thinks that it is important to surround oneself with knowledgeable people and to meditate on the word of God. Some may say that she talks too much, however she loves learning about people and being apart of their growth – especially with her children. One day Kholeka would like to climb a mountain to see the view from the top and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.