Michelle Enslin

Since May 2020, Mrs Enslin has been our St. Lizzies administrator; our go to person who ensures that everything is in its place and that everyone is safe. Although she likes to keep busy and be productive throughout the day, she also finds a nice cup of tea and being in nature relaxing. She enjoys spending time in the Berg or beach and would really love to visit the Maldives one day! Amongst all her admin duties, Michelle relates well to young children and is especially kind towards animals. Her advice to parents would be to “hand over your children to God” and she believes that children should be given the opportunity to fall, find their true selves and grow to be stronger individuals.

Robyn Julie

Mrs Julie studied Foundation Phase Teaching at the Durban College of Education affectionally known as DOKKIES and later specialised in Inclusive and Special Needs education. She has been blessed with three amazing children at home, four rambunctious fur babies and four groups of pre-schoolers to care for and guide through life. It is important for those under her care to know that they are uniquely special, protected and loved. After more than 23 years in Pre-Primary education, she found her home in the St Lizzies team in 2023. Robyn is a life-long learner, often being schooled by the children that surround her and believes that mental, physical and spiritual growth is the foundation for a balanced, happy individual.