It is important to provide a stimulating environment which is a good balance between indoor and outdoor play as well as between teacher-directed and activities that require individual choice.

Our school officially opens its doors at 7.20 am and formally starts at 8am with our Greeting Ring. We do have an early bird service available from 7am each morning. At 7.20 the children go directly to their classrooms to be greeted by their teacher.

8am Greeting Ring – a teacher directed time when the children share news, discuss the weather, participate in special activities and learning tasks, including small group work focusing on skill development.

Teacher Directed Time

During these times the child participates in group activities together with children of a similar age. The activities have been planned by the group teacher and are age related so that the children will progress to more advanced Rings and stories as they mature. Activities are related to the current theme which runs for two weeks e.g. Animal Homes/The Builder.

Free Choice Time

Play is the serious business of childhood   GARDEN Activities – Sand play, water play, sensopathic activities, mud, clay modelling, woodwork, climbing apparatus. Here a child builds a strong and healthy body while climbing, running, jumping and balancing. The activities provide opportunity for:           

* pleasure and delight 

* development of skills 

* social contacts

* release of emotions 

*  constructive, imaginative and creative play 

This area is under supervision of two teachers.

CREATIVE AREA : Activities include painting, drawing, cutting and pasting, anti-waste constructions, special activities and dough modelling.

Here a child satisfies their need to experiment and create.  The activities provide opportunity for : 

*  use of colour and development of form

* control of  fine muscles and co-ordination 

* learning through senses 

* development  of skills

This area is under supervision of teachers.

FANTASY AREA: Activities include domestic play – i.e. dolls, tea-sets etc., dressing-up, shops, puppets, blocks and supportive toys, e.g. cars and boats. This is where a child is free to express their conception of the everyday world or how they wish or imagine it to be.

The activities provide opportunity for:

* enjoyment

*  self-expression through the enactment of different roles 

*  release from frustration and fears 

*  creative and constructive ideas 

*  stimulation of creative and imaginative play 

*  encouragement of the inhibited child

This area is under the supervision of a teacher.

COGNITIVE AREA: Activities include puzzles, books, games, constructive toys.  This is where a child satisfies their need to achieve and learns to use their mind in all ways necessary for intellectual development. The activities provide opportunity for: 

*  acquisition of skills 

*  developing powers of thinking and reasoning

*  eye-hand co-ordination

*  sharing and taking turns 

*  developing concentration and perseverance 

*  language development

This area is under the supervision of a teacher.

Snack Time

The children have a daily snacktime at 10h00. Parents are requested to please pack a healthy snack and water in a St Lizzies cooler bag and send to school. If your child is staying for aftercare, they will need a separate container/s for his/her lunch.

Please note that sweets/chips are only allowed on a Friday – and will be removed from lunch boxes on any other day.

School Readiness

Our Blue Group children who are 5 turning 6 years old will participate in Our Readiness Programme in preparation for formal schooling. Here they learn the necessary skills, values and concepts needed to thrive in Grade One. Our specialised programme draws from many successful programmes and is CAPS compliant.

Skills Activities

Each class teacher carefully creates a programme that provides opportunities for the children to gain age-appropriate Fine Motor skills such as cutting, finger/wrist/shoulder and core strength. It is important for our children to be physically ready and confident to progress to the School Readiness programme. During these sessions the teacher works in small groups which allows her to give the children additional support and individual guidance.

Home Time

The Junior children (Red and Green Group) 12:05

The Senior children (Yellow and Blue Group) 12:20

We are fortunate to be able to offer an Aftercare facility, please click on our Aftercare tab for more information.


There are several extra-mural activities offered at St Lizzies after 12h30. All of our extra murals are run by independent companies and are charged separately from school fees and aftercare. These extra murals have been carefully selected to compliment our daily programme.

Monday – Robotics for Grade R’s and Pottery for all ages

Tuesday – Gymnastics

Wednesday – Ballet and Soccer Starz

Thursday – Glide & Ride

Friday – Playball