St. Elizabeth’s Pre-Primary School, where we learn about life with love & laughter.

St. Elizabeth’s Pre-Primary, affectionately known as St Lizzies, is an Independent Christian School in Westville that caters for children from the age of two years until they enter formal education at six years.

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There are several extra-mural activities offered at St Lizzies after 12h30. All of our extra murals are run by independent companies and are charged separately from school fees and aftercare.

Robotics & Pottery

We offer Science & Robotics to our Grade R children and Pottery to all age groups.

Gymnastics & Ballet

We offer Gymnastics and Ballet on selected days of the week after school hours to all age groups.

Soccercise & Playball

Ball skills extra mural activities are offered by Soccercise Starz and Playball and are available to all ages.